Krampus on a Shelf

The Handmade Krampus On A Shelf Knee Hugger by Plastictastic!

Plastictastic Krampus Knee Hugger

I grew up with a love of Knee Hugger Pixies, and received my first vintage pixie when I was four.  After years of wanting to create a pixie of my own, I decided to create Krampus on a Shelf to combine my love of pixies with my mutual love of Krampus the Christmas Devil.  My Krampuses are available from time to time on  These suckers are labor intensive to produce, so they only come out in limited quantities!

Each Krampus is hand built from scratch.  The head is cast in plastic from the mold I made of the sculpt I created.  Paint is applied by hand to the face and hair.  Each felt body is hand sewn, and red accent pieces are hot glued in place by me.  Each Krampus is a labor of love, but the result is worth it!

Just In Case You Are Totally Confused By Krampus…

In many European cultures, Santa has sidekicks to dole out all of the punishments toward bad children, and in Austria his side kick is Krampus.  Krampus is known to be a devil like character who often has black or red skin and black fur, as well as a long tongue to lick children with.  He also gives switches out to the bad children so their parents can beat them, or he removes the child from the home in a basket on his back so he can throw them into Hell Fire for their misdeeds.  If this terror won’t make a kid behave, nothing will!  For many years Krampus had remained a very regional Christmas character in Europe, but in recent years he has gained a bit more notoriety and a cult following in other countries including the US.  Since it seems to be a popular trend in the US to have a knee hugger sit around the house and watch your children for behavior problems at Christmas, what better way to whip them into shape than with Krampus watching over them this holiday season?