With an interest in collecting toys comes the desire to make toys.  Plastictastic’s designer art toys are all completely handmade by me from the sculpting to the casting, to all fabrication and painting.


Available Creations Include:


Everything Is Terrible Legends Figure

The Everything Is Terrible Legends Figure was created specifically for Everything Is Terrible’s Legends Tour.

This was a great opportunity for me to blend my own signature style with the distinctive stylings of EIT.

A few figures are still available through Everything Is Terrible’s web store.

Click the link below and get yours!

Buy Your Legends Figure HERE.


The Handmade Krampus On A Shelf Knee Hugger by Plastictastic!

The Handmade Krampus On A       Shelf Knee Hugger

If you are going to intimidate children into behaving at Christmas time by telling them someone is watching

their every more, why not make that intimidating character a Krampus?  My Krampus on a Shelf

is directly based on the classic knee huggers of the 1950’s, and every ounce of him is completely fabricated

by hand.  If you are interested in owning a Krampus on a Shelf, they are sometimes available in my Etsy Shop.

Click the link below!

Buy Krampus On A Shelf HERE When Available